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Enjoy the convenience of AquaBlu's on-demand service for your home or office. Eliminate the hassle of picking up water from the store. Save time and money with our on-demand or schedule delivery service. Whether you're looking for a water dispenser and 5-gallon bottles or a 24 pack of water, we have everything you need.


No Contracts. No LImits.

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5 Gallon Spring Water
5 gallon bottled water

Our spring water is created by rainwater percolating through the ancient sandstone bedrock of the Appalachian Mountains. It is then extracted at a cool 55 degree temperature before being filtered and bottled in a state of the art bottling facility in Climax, Kentucky.

Each sip of our spring water is a fresh, crisp taste of nature. There are no added chemicals or ingredients. Just natural water and minerals in a bottle.

AquaBlu's Spring water options includes:

  • 5 Gallon Spring Water

  • 3 Gallon Spring Water

  • 1 Gallon Spring Water

  • Water Coolers and Dispensers

Small Bottled Water
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Small Bottled Water

AquaBlu Spring Water can satisfy all your water needs. We offer pure, refreshing spring water in all sizes. From 1 gallon bottles to 8 oz bottles, we have exactly what you need.

All spring water is 100% pure spring water bottled at the source, and comes in two brands - AquaPerfect and Climax. We also offer lower cost purified water bottled and purified with Reverse Osmosis technology.

AquaBlu's case water options include:

  • 8 oz Spring Water- 24 ct.

  • 8 oz Spring Water- 48 ct.

  • 10 oz Purified Water- 24

  • 16.9 oz Purfied Water - 24 ct.

  • 16.9 oz Spring Water - 24 ct.

  • 20 oz Spring Water - 24 ct.

  • 1 Gallon Spring Water

Custom Label Water
Custom Label Water
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Promote your brand, your business, or your event with customized bottles of water, featuring full color designs and large, eye catching labels.

More effective than a business card... and tastes better too!

We can custom design your label from scratch, or if you already have a logo or design, just send it to us and we'll incorporate it onto the label. The process is simple: Let us know how much water you want to order. We'll design and build your label. Then, we email you a proof of the label design. After approval, we print the labels and label the bottles. Lastly, we deliver the bottles to you. It's simple and easy to get your very own custom branded water!

All bottled water is 100% pure spring water. We offer 16.9 oz and 8 oz sizes to fit your needs. Contact us today and see how simple and fun it can be to promote your business or event!

Distilled/Purified Water
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Distilled/Purified Wate
Girl Drinking Water

Whether you need water for your home, office or event, we can provide you with the highest quality purified water available. All our purified and distilled water is filtered and bottled using only the highest standards.

Each bottle of distilled water contains water and only water!

Avoid nasty chemicals and contaminants that are sometimes present in tap water and other water sources. Take advantage of our purified water and distilled water options today.

Get the highest quality water for only a fraction of the price.

AquaBlu's distilled water options include:

  • 5 Gallon Distilled Water

  • 1 Gallon Distilled Water - 6 ct.

Serving Kentuckiana

Since 1984

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